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ThanhVu Nguyen


  • Assistant Professor
    Department of Computer Science & Engineering
    364 Avery Hall
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Lincoln, NE 68588
    Tel: 402-472-5086 # email is preferred
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 12/2020: Three research papers accepted at ICSE'21 (with KimHao and Guolong)
  • 12/2020: Received a Faculty Seed Grant award from UNL
  • 10/2020: OOPSLA'20 research paper on using dynamically inferred nonlinear invariants to prove program termination and non-termination
  • 8/2020: FSE SEAD workshop paper on using recurrence relations to analyze program complexity (with Alexey and Didier)
  • 7/2020: ICSME New Idea and Emerging Results paper on using symbolic execution to analyze the Linux build system (with KimHao)
  • 7/2020: ICSME Doctoral Symposium paper on Alloy fault localization and repair (by Guolong)
  • 3/2020: Received the NSF CRII award to work on analyzing the Linux build system. If you have a strong background in Linux/BSD systems or build systems (Make, Ant, etc), please contact me for RA opportunities
  • 3/2020: KimHao (freshman, undergraduate) joined
  • 9/2019: Didier (1st year Ph.D. student) joined
  • 9/2019: OOPSLA'19 research paper on using algebraic specifications to aid program synthesis
  • 6/2019: Received a 10-year Most Influential Paper award at ICSE (Software Engr) on program repair. Also a 10-year Most Impact Award at GECCO (Evolutionary Computing) on using genetic programming to fix bugs
  • 3/2019: PLDI'19 research paper on using dynamic analysis to infer invariants in separation logic (with Guolong)
  • 1/2019: Received a 3-year grant from the Army Research Office to work on predicting and avoiding program errors