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Demystifying the Computer Science PhD Admission in US universities (Guide for Vietnamese and International Students)

29 Apr 2023


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A test

29 Apr 2023

My FreeBSD Setup

04 Sep 2022

My home machine, which was running Debian and was built in 2007, was becoming old and loud. So, I decided to set up a new home system on a small Dell Optiplex that I obtained from school. I decided to install FreeBSD on it instead of my preferred Debian Linux (because … why not? my lab already has two servers running Debian).

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Badminton in Albuquerque, New Mexico

27 Feb 2022

I am longer in NM but still got lots of emails from people asking about badminton information. So here are some information:

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LaTeX Letterhead

26 Aug 2021

A minimal letter head with logo

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My Website and Blog Setup

05 Jun 2021

Minimal CSS that automatically switches btw light and dark, and blog setup using org-static-blog

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Creating and Checking Deep Neural Networks

28 May 2021

A simple excercise for creating and checking Deep Neural Networks

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My CV LaTeX Setup

24 May 2021

Worked my CV in \(\LaTeX\) + BibLaTeX over the weekend. Quite some work but I am happy with the result cv-nguyen.pdf (built from these 3 files cv.tex, cv.bib, tvn.png using these commands). The full git repo is at

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Dynamic Invariant Generation and Nonlinear Properties

01 Feb 2021

Automatically inferring invariant specifications has proven valuable in enabling a wide range of software verification and validation approaches over the past two decades. Recent approaches have shifted from using observation of concrete program states to exploiting symbolic encodings of sets of concrete program states in order to improve the quality of inferred invariants.

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01 Feb 2021

Managing my \(\LaTeX\) writings.

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Useful Linux/Mac Setups

01 Jan 2021

Linux/Mac command lines and setup stuff that I find useful

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